October 27 – November 6, 2022

Perth to Sydney Marathon 2022

Cars will be crossing the finish line from approximately 2 pm Sunday the 6th of November. Finish Line is at the William Inglis Hotel Warick Farm

Oct 27 - Nov 6


5700 KM


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A challenging 5700km across 10 days, recreating the original 1968 London-Sydney Marathon. For the first time in 53 years, where possible, the Perth to Sydney Marathon 2022 rally event will be following the original route from Perth to Sydney. The Event Committee have the combined knowledge and experience to enable this event to honour and celebrate the origins of the 1968 London-Sydney Marathon.

The Perth to Sydney Marathon 2022 will take place from the 27th October to the 6th November 2022. We are confident that the memories participants will obtain are of a kind that they will be reflected upon for many years to come and truly celebrating the original event and in what will be a once in a lifetime experience.
What we know is that on the 24th November 1968 the Greatest Marathon event of all started from Crystal Palace in London not far from Wimbledon, in front of over 100,000 keen spectators. Ninety eight cars set off at 1 minute intervals to begin the 10,000 mile race across the World. Millions of people lined the route out of London down to Dover, where the entrants caught the midnight ferry to France.
Competitors drove 6667 miles (approx.10,800 kms) in 9 days to Bombay where the first 72 cars boarded the SS Chusan for the 9 day crossing to Fremantle. The field restarted in Perth in the late afternoon of the 14th December to complete the 3,494 mile (approx. 5660 kms) Australian Section of the Marathon to Sydney in less than 3 days to complete just over 10,161 miles or approx. 16,461 km to the finish at Warwick Farm on the 17th December 1968.

The finishers then paraded through the City of Sydney to Hyde Park on the 18th December 1968.

Fast forward nearly 54 years and the Perth to Sydney Marathon 2022 is set to celebrate the greatest marathon of them all and all who participated in the event.

Perth to Sydney Marathon 2022

By comparison to 1968, the 2022 mini-Marathon began more inauspiciously. No boozy lunches this time, not buttering up to media barons in Fleet Street London or George Street in Sydney. Only a passing comment to a loved-one in the kitchen of a small Sydney suburban home. The loving reply from that loved-one should really not be repeated. “You f#$%^ing want to do what?”

So it is with this background of domestic bliss that in 2018 a small celebration run of the 50th Anniversary of 1968 London-Sydney Marathon took place from Wangaratta to Warwick Farm. The event kept a flicker of flame alive to drive the entire route across Australia.

In April of 2020 an Expression of Interest was released to the rallying fraternity and the response from across Australia and internationally was amazing. The feedback saw a strong field of enquiries close the Entry List within a matter of weeks, and this has resulted in over 75+ Entrants lining up for the 2022 Perth-Sydney.

Even more amazing has been the response from enthusiasts of all ages who recollect the Marathon and just want to be involved. From officials, spectators, service crew, journalists and key people who were involved in the 1968 event and other London-Sydney events held.

But that is not to say that we cannot celebrate the concept, the vision, the people, the vehicles, the place getters and the great event itself here in Australia.

By gathering to celebrate the history of the event, retracing the route of iconic events in the company of fellow enthusiasts and vehicles from the period, from the greatest MARATHON rally event of all, enjoying what we love to do, across the great continent of Australia.

Perth to Sydney Marathon 2022

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