Newsletter 5

November, 2020


This month the feature photo is the fabulous Curnamona Station old homestead from our visit there in 2018. You can look forward to arriving outside this Passage Control to be greeted by the original 1968 London Sydney Control Banner.

Route Checking

Over the last two months we have made real progress with route checking on the ground across WA and from the WA Border to Broken Hill in NSW.
Barry Lloyd and his mate Andrew have had another productive visit to the section south of Marvel Loch to Lake King as the photos posted on Facebook showed. We do know that the route is accessible with a bit of work to make the roads trafficable. Local Council negotiations are taking place to hopefully have the “gnarly” bits repaired and maybe a quick clearance of fallen trees. If the work is too much we have options in play to get us through.

In early November when the SA border finally opened we made a dash to Border Village on the WA border and back to Broken Hill to check out the sections and meet with local dignitaries and property owners along the route. The 186Kms of the Old Eyre Highway is accessible from Border Village to Nullabor Roadhouse and negotiations are occurring with the Yalata Community to access the road through their Native Lands. The approval obtained
previously from FWCAC in Ceduna proved to be invalid. It seems these organisations don’t talk to each other. Approval from one meant we could have received a fine of up to $65,000 for entering the lands owned by another. Back to square one, but we are hopeful of a positive outcome.

We had a very positive meeting with the Mayor of Ceduna and Council Road Safety Management to prepare for our arrival into Ceduna. The contacts provided were extremely helpful. The Council will close the streets around the Foreshore Hotel for our arrival into town and also for our departure next day. The Council could not have been more helpful. The Foreshore Hotel is Community Owned, so any money we spend there will provide direct benefits into the local community.

On the way into Ceduna (TC) from Yalata we identified an additional 30kms of great road into Penong before we headed south via Denial Bay and other sections of the original road we didn’t know existed.

From Ceduna we will turn off the tar and take the old road into Wirrulla and then detour north to follow the original Eyre Highway through the Gawler Ranges to Mt Ive Station. This section on to Iron Knob provides an additional 400kms of fabulous dirt road and a reminder of that stuff known as BULL Dust. And boy is it thick in places. The road between Iron Knob and Ceduna was first tarred in February of 1968, so our route is far more interesting to drive.
Between Iron Knob and Quorn (TC) we are back on the tar but north of Quorn we again hit the dirt via Mt Arden (PC) and Simmonston Ruins. The Castrol and BMC Notes differed from a point just north of the Ruins to Moralana Creek, so we will follow the Castrol Notes via Partecoona Station and a great section of road north to Top Bore, before turning East to rejoin the BMC Notes route at Hookina Five-Ways junction.

Not long after this intersection we will pass the location where Andrew Cowan ran off the road and almost lost the event but for the assistance of Evan Green/Jack Murray. The final section of the day is the fabulous Moralana Creek Stage where Car 90 spent a bit of time in Six Mile Creek then on to Rawnsley Station and Wilpena Resort to overnight. Arriving in late afternoon the light and colours of the ranges are spectacular, and I am sure the end of day refreshments will be cool and inviting.

We encountered our first disappointment of the Recce when we arrived at Brachina Gorge (TC) to find the path under the railway bridge all but inaccessible. Recent rains have caused major damage and recovery of the section is simply too difficult to repair. We are in discussion to find an alternative, but a 5 kms detour along the tar will allow us to re-join the original route into Parachilna. On the way across to Blinman, Angorichina Village was found to have 98 Oct fuel and can provide tyre repairs and other mechanical works if required. At worst they can also provide safe storage of a vehicle if things come to that.

Lunch will be at the Blinman Hotel before another highlight of the event, the 230km run across Outback SA cattle stations of Wirrealpa, Martins Well, Erudina, Curnamona (PC) and Kalabity and then on to the Mingary (TC). With the expert assistance of Ian Richards we have the absolute original route plotted across this section for you from Blinman to Mingary, the first time this entire section has been driven in an event since 1968.

As mentioned previously, the route across NSW into Victoria (at Mulawa) has generally been fully plotted, but unfortunately we were again prevented from driving the Menindee to Ivanhoe section due to recent rains. But if the accuracy of the Route Charts provided by Ian Richards is anything to go by, this section to Wangaratta will not be a problem.

Wangaratta on to Sydney is already completed, save for minor changes in East Gippsland as we outlined previously. Negotiations are well advanced with Wangaratta Council with Apex Park being opened for our finish for the day and our Start for the magnificent run over the Victorian Alps next day. Preliminary approval has been received from Vic DELWP for access over the Ranges from Edi (TC) to Dandongadale (PC) and Brookside (TC) and via Falls Creek to Lakes Entrance in East Gippsland. East Gippsland Council have been very helpful and we will use the same start location as the Alpine 100 three weeks later at the Rotunda by the foreshore. Many thanks to Owen Polanski from HRA for his contacts and advice.

On the run North to Cooma there is a high risk that we may encounter oncoming traffic in the 75km section between Wulgulmerang and Ingebyra. We are in the process of obtaining approval to place controls in place to ensure that the risk of an accident with oncoming 4WD and Motorcyclists on the road are avoided.

Event Scheduling and Logistics

As outlined in the Newsletter 4 (Sept/Oct) there is clarification now over the event status with Motorsport Australia, and with the permit requirements to access areas of the Victorian and NSW Alpine Country, we can confirm that the Entry Fee for the event will be approximately $2750 for a Crew of Two ($250 holding deposit paid). In addition, there is a mandatory Meals Package of $985 per Crew of Two, or $560 per Passenger. Passengers (and others) will be required to pay a Fee of $275 to participate in the event.

The Supplementary Regulations will be submitted to Motorsport Australia within the week and we will soon be able to release the Event Schedule and Accommodation List.

That is about all for now, on behalf of the Event Committee we wish everyone good health and a joyous Festive Season.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to make contact, and please stay safe and well, and keep up the banter on the Facebook Group.


Laurie Mason
Event Director/Asst Clerk of Course

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