Newsletter 7

March, 2021

Well then, who ever said things are dull around here? Since the last Newsletter the Committee have had three group online meetings and one face to face over the obligatory bottle of red. I must say that sitting back with a glass of fine wine in hand overlooking our magnificent Sydney Harbour on a beautiful Autumn day is a great way to get decisions made. This is not to say that is the sum total of the work and effort undertaken over the period to make this event happen.

I was castigated from a great height for the comment I made on the Facebook Entrants Group suggesting that the Event Regulations would not be approved (tongue in cheek). Some took the comments too literally and I believe that I may need to apologise to a certain Victorian for leading him up the garden path (so to speak). Sorry Gerry.

So, what other news do we have for you this month?

Well firstly after a very long wait for which we apologise, the Event Supplementary Regulations are being released in this Newsletter.

There is nothing in the Regulations that you should not already know or would expect. Vehicle eligibility is clearly stated but Entrants should not be concerned as the vehicles that you have nominated thus far have all met the criteria. If we did not like what you have nominated, we would have told you. Specific category or class regulations specified by Motorsport Australia do not apply.

The Regulations are not overly complex, but sufficient to provide a basis for holding a safe and enjoyable event. While we may not be donning helmets and tearing across paddocks as fast as we can, safety of participants and the general public is still the major consideration with almost 100 vehicles travelling as a group along some very tight and dusty roads. It is a very simplistic analysis to suggest that the event is merely a “tour” along public roads, this event is far from that, and by the finish, we hope that any notion of this event just being a “tour” will completely dispelled.

Please find a copy of the 2021 Perth-Sydney Marathon Supplementary Regulations (Event Regulations in 1968 speak) accessed using the attached Supplementary Regulations P2SM 2021

Please also find access to the PDF Entry Form for download and completion. A separate email will be sent to Entrants with the Crew Page link and password.

We have also moved the event Newsletters to the website for easier access.


Just when we felt that we had reached a positive COVID milestone here in Australia we face the hiccup to our North in QLD. Unfortunately, an even
bigger one further North in PNG and we wonder what impact those issues may have on us down the track. But despite these latest issues, we have decided to push ahead and release the event documentation so that you have certainty over the event and the timeline, and you know that we are committed to the event.

Perth-2-Sydney-LogoRoute Checking

You may not be aware but the route from Broken Hill to Ivanhoe via Menindee in NSW has been closed more than it has been open over the last 12 months. The road is currently closed and there is no news of when it may reopen. A shower of rain and the road closes, sometimes for weeks and months at a time. We will hope and pray for fine weather in the region as we near the event.

This section of the route presents a very real issue to the event on Day 7. If the road from Menindee to Ivanhoe is closed, we may have no choice but to redirect the event via Wilcannia which will add an additional 173kms to an already long day. The reality of such a diversion is real and as a result the Committee has abandoned any idea of holding a dinner evening in Wangaratta where we would have invited guests. Instead, we will retain the usual overnight dinner function and keep it relatively low key evening.

The Committee has also discussed the merits or otherwise of religiously sticking to the 1968 route north from Nowra to Bulli Pass north of Wollongong then on to Warwick Farm. The teams in 1968 had the option of routes to the finish and as the competition had become nullified from Hindmarsh Station, timing was not an issue. The Committee has decided to apply the same approach and take Crews via the more relaxed and countrified route to Sydney via Kangaroo Valley, Mittagong and Picton before joining the F1 Motorway to Casula and then on to the finish at Warwick Farm. The approach is to follow the route with the least sets of traffic lights.

If you have any questions regarding the Event Supplementary Regulations, please feel free to make contact.

Best regards,

Laurie Mason
Event Director

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